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About MatoMusic .Com

About Mato Music

Welcome to MatoMusic.Com – a site that helps YOU learn guitar easily.

If you're looking to Guitar Music Resources Free lesson, Free Tabs, Music Class Revision (even if you're beginner)... then you are in the right place.

My mission is to help You study music courses with guitar, driven by firm principles of delivering maximum value and treating each other  with respect. It's that simple.
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Who's Mato? (description about me)

I’m music article editor, guitar guru, Malaysian.  Start teaching guitar in 2010. The truth is I still keep learning with the resources I can get. Looking professional musician get a lesson no matter through online or off line.
I started MatoMusic.Com in Jan 2016 mainly because I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning about guitar/music courses and because I wanted to connect with my students who need revision, and also musician making good in music career.

Here's What I Believe...

I believe we deserved spending time to practice music instrument we engage to, even this is not main income for our life.
I believe that a music make life better, IF you play it in right way.
I believe that a music player doesn’t alone, we need friends.

Connect with MatoMusic.Com

Please stay in touch with what MatoMusic.Com is up to through one of our Connection methods. Also feel free to connect with me on Guitar & Ukulele Community, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram if you’re active on those networks. and You can reach me via Support Page

What Now?

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Author:Mato Wai

Blogger, full time guitar instructor since 2010
I believe music make our life better.
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