La Vie En Rose Acoustic Guitar Tabs For Beginner | Video | Tabs

La Vie En Rose Acoustic Guitar Tabs For Beginner | Video | Tabs

La Vie En Rose Guitar Tabs

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1. La Vie En Rose Dual Guitar Cover Video

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2. La Vie En Rose Guitar Pro Demo Video

3. About La Vie En Rose Acoustic Guitar Tabs Info

  • Time Signature : 4 crochet beat in a bar 
  • Tempo: 90 crochet beat in a minute
  • Key: G Major

4. Composer Short Info

"La Vie en rose" was the signature song of popular French singer Édith Piaf, written in 1945,
popularized in 1946, and released as a single in 1947.

The song became very popular in the US in 1950 with no fewer than seven different versions reaching the Billboard charts.

These were by Tony Martin, Paul Weston, Bing Crosby (recorded June 22, 1950),Ralph Flanagan, Victor Young and Louis Armstrong. (credit: wikipedia)

5. Download Guitar Tabs

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  • Basic Guitar Tabs 

Option 2 : Download Full Version  【CLICK HERE】

  • Full Music Notion
  • Chord Chart 
  • Guitar 1 Melody 
  • Guitar 2 Chord 

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