Chorando Se Foi Acoustic Guitar Tabs For Beginner | Video | Tabs

Chorando Se Foi Acoustic Guitar Tabs For Beginner | Video | Tabs

Chorando Se Foi / Lambada Guitar Tabs

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1. Chorando Se Foi Dual Guitar Cover Video

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2. Chorando Se Foi Guitar Pro Demo Video

3. About Chorando Se Foi Acoustic Guitar Tabs Info

  • Time Signature : 4 crochet beat in a bar 
  • Tempo: 100 crochet beat in a minute
  • Key: G Major

4. Composer Short Info

The lyrics and music of Kaoma's "Chorando se foi (Lambada)" are an unauthorized translation of the song "Llorando se fue", originally composed, performed and recorded by the Bolivian Andean pop group Los Kjarkas in 1981.

The song's lyrics and music had been lawfully registered in 1985 by the founding members of Los Kjarkas – Gonzalo and Ulises Hermosa – in Germany's Music and Authors Society (GEMA).

The unauthorized copy by Kaoma led to a successful 1990 lawsuit by Los Kjarkas against Kaoma's producer Jean-Claude Bonaventure. (credit: wikipedia)

5. Download Guitar Tabs

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  • Basic Guitar Tabs 

Option 2 : Download Full Version  【CLICK HERE】

  • Full Music Notion
  • Chord Chart 
  • Guitar 1 Melody 
  • Guitar 2 Chord 

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