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Yadars Guitalele 28 Inch With Solid Mahogany Top | Review & Open Box Video

Yadars Guitalele 28 Inch With Solid Mahogany Top  Review and Open Box Video 01
you may not interested with guitalele, but i am so happy to have one! yeah! (clap calp hand!)

A guitalele is a guitar-ukulele hybrid (MIX Guitar and Ukulele), that is, "a 1/4 size" guitar (28 inch), a cross between a classical guitar and a tenor size ukulele.
The guitalele combines the portability of a ukulele, due to its small size, with the six single strings and resultant chord possibilities of a classical guitar.
guitalele suitable use for fingerstyle solo guitar or accompaniment melody or song singing.
The guitalele is variously marketed as a travel guitar or children's guitar.
It is essentially a modern iteration of the Quint guitar.

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Yadars Guitalele 28 Inch With Solid Mahogany Top | Review & Open Box Video


5 Important Points Why I Own Guitalele With Solid Top

1. Easy To Carry 
28 inch size, allow i carry on easily. no matter i put it in car or keep it in class room (even bed room)

2. Quality Build
Original installed bone nut and bone saddle, this feature help me save a cost to sending local guitar tech to installed it. normal workmanship may cost me RM100-RM150. bone material are one of great element to upgrade guitalele sound tone. 

3. Wood Choice
Mahogany with wood character, Warm, Transparent, Sweet. and it is common music instrument wood. due to small size guitalele, solid top sure help guitalele generate better tone quality. (btw, i not prefer using laminate top guitar currently.) 

4. Soft String
majoruty classical guitar using nylon string guitar, but for such small size guitlele, i suggest using nytrix string to getting the thigh and bright character sound tone. 
but if you like the smooth and soft element by nylon string, just go ahead. 

5. More Notes Choice
sometime i was thinking how good with ukulele with the bass note choice. and finally i have one guitalele. 
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Yadars Guitalele 28 Inch With Solid Mahogany Top Specification

Yadars Guitalele 28 Inch With Solid Mahogany Top Specification: 
Size: 28 Inch
Nut Saddle: Ox Bone
Neck: Mahogany
FingerBoard: Rose Wood
Top: Solid Mahogany
Side Back: Mahogany
Bridge: Rose Wood
Fret: 19
Brige : Rose Wood
Finishing: Matte

If you have any question about Guitalele i show in video, kindly contact me via Facebook Messenger. CONTACT MATO

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Do you suitable using guitalele?
if you looking travel size guitar for playing everywhere propose. yes, just buy one guitalele.
if you looking ukulele which have more bass note choice, allow you  play in solo or play in group.
i have been try many year using capo to clip on my classical guitar 5th fret, but the sound tone is different. because the scale length classical guitar longer then guitalele, even i clip the capo on 5th fret.

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