Hana Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs

 Hana Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs

Hana Masaaki Kishibe Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs | 花 - 岸部真明指彈吉他曲譜

1. Hana Fingerstyle Demo

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2. Guitar Tabs Info

Open D tuning on guitar

  • 1st - D
  • 2nd - A
  • 3rd - F#
  • 4th - D
  • 5th - A
  • 6th - D

Time Signature : 4 crochet beat in a bar 

Beat Per Minutes : 80 

3. Composer - Masaaki Kishibe

Masaaki Kishibe is a new generation of Japanese fingerstyle guitarist and student of Japanese finger-style master Nakagawa Isato. 

His works are very diverse, ranging from beautiful and fresh guitar solo sketches to alternative solo works. 

In 2003, he participated in the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championships and won the 2nd place, demonstrating his extraordinary strength.

His repertoire is a combination of delicate emotions and skillful playing, showing a variety of faces and creating a very scenic and graphic musical tension.

His live performances seem to have the magic of freezing time, whether it's his own compositions or adaptations of others' repertoire, he is still active in the fingerpicking music scene after almost 20 years of debut, and he doesn't show any fatigue at all. 

His music has made the new generation of guitarists think about what music should be about rather than just dazzling techniques, and his "Miracle Mountain" soundtrack, released in 2006, has become a target for fingerpicking guitarists worldwide.

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